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Eye For a Guy

UrbanWire gets cozy with the girl every guy fights for on Channel 5’s new reality dating show.

There’s Something About Rachel Lee

There’s always a reason why we watch reality TV shows, no matter how tasteless they are sometimes. Be it a hefty ka-ching recording contract, a prince charming in a fine suit, or a sexy cheerleader with a 34-24-34 figure at the end, reality shows attract us in many ways. so much so that Channel 5 is starting a new reality show somewhat adapted from The Bachelorette called Eye for a Guy.

However, Eye for a Guy is not about falling in love and getting hitched in a multi-million wedding (read: the self-absorbed Trista Ryan) but the ultimate chase to win the heart of one beautiful girl. This is simply a romance test, not a Social Development Unit (SDU) or government conspiracy to make people marry and later procreate.

Ten hopeful local bachelors will battle it out for the chance to go on a Paris vacation with the babe (or wet fantasy) of their dreams—23-year-old full-time model Rachel Lee, who represented Singapore in the FHM Bikini Heaven contest. They will have to make a good impression on Rachel, and two poor lads every week will be eliminated until the last four, when the elimination will go down to one per episode.

UrbanWire spends some time with Rachel on the phone to find out why this girl deserves all the attention of 10 brave gentlemen who will have to bear their feelings (and punches for some) on national television to win her heart. If 22 sweaty men chasing after a ball makes for good viewing, surely 10 men getting sweaty running after a babe can be too.

UrbanWire: Not to be rude, but we’re wondering: Why you?

Rachel: The show’s director called me last year. She told me about the show, but I was quite apprehensive about doing it. But she was very persistent, and her enthusiasm excited me to do Eye For a Guy.

UW: How do you feel about being in Singapore’s first dating reality show?

Rachel: I am excited for the show, but not for myself.

UW: How did your family and friends react to you being on the show?

Rachel: My family, especially my parents, are quite used to it because I have been modeling since I was 16. Most of my friends treat it as if it is another job, but some are rather excited!

UW: What was it like on set?

Rachel: The crew was very fun and a vibrant bunch of people! The best part of the show is mixing with the production team. They are very fun, young and entertaining.

UW: Tell us about the 10 guys you met. Did you have any difficulties handling all of them at once?

Rachel: They are different in every aspect, like their personalities, careers, etc. On the 1st day, it was overwhelming as I tried very hard to remember their names and what they like to do. My concentration was split because the time given to talk to them was very short, and I had to remember so much! It was rather tough to eliminate the first 2, especially since I barely knew them.

UW: So how would you describe the 2 rejected men then?

Rachel: I just did not have much of an impression of them. I cannot pick them if I do not have an impression of them. [The] First impression is very important.

UW: OK, ahem, 10 men with you must be too hot to handle. Any naughty moments?

Rachel: No raunchy stuff, definitely because of time constraints! The filming was over weekends, and I only had a few hours with them, so nothing more than getting-to-know sessions went on. But then, I heard rumors about some bitching among the guys! I heard some were not on very good terms with each other.

UW: Really? Do you think that you are accurately portrayed in the show?

Rachel: I do not know how it is going to be edited, but in the first and second episodes, I was not very open yet. I had to remember a lot of things, like what not to say on TV. It was very boring, and my memory was bad! But eventually, I got used to the camera and the stuff to avoid.

UW: Sounds tough filming. Do you have any sweet moments, then?

Rachel: Haha, I would say that I have learned many new things, and we have been to some scenic places on and off … Singapore. For example, we learned how to dance hip-hop, visited Pulau Ubin on the third episode, and also went to Terengganu for three days on the final episode.

UW: The show reminds us of other reality shows. What new things can audiences expect instead?

Rachel: It will be very fun because we get to do plenty of new and fun stuff during the group dates!

UW: It seems as if this show is part of a bigger picture: asking Singaporeans to procreate. Is that true?

Rachel: Erm, I do not think it is true because it is about the last man standing. The rest of the guys got rejected, and I chose only one, so I think it is not exactly trying to encourage couplehood in Singapore.

UW: Have you thought you might find the right guy on the show?

Rachel: No, it was just fun, and it was a dating show. We were having fun, and we might not even date after the show. I am not sure what is going to happen in the future. Maybe we will meet new people.

UW: Do you like the S.N.A.G (Sensitive New Age Guy) or the bad boy?

Rachel: Neither. I prefer a good guy but more edgy who has a fun personality. We have to click and have some chemistry!

UW: If you were chosen to date 3 local celebrities, who would you pick and why?

Rachel: Randall Tan, Rod Monteiro, and Glenn Ong. It is going to be exciting because they are very fun to be with and also because they are my friends!

UW: Fill in the blank. Men are _______.

Rachel: Awesome! I say this because the men in my life are awesome, like my dad, relatives, and friends.

UW: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Would you have met your special someone by then?

Rachel: No. I would probably stop modeling and hopefully [be] working in an advertising agency or a magazine.

UW: Anything you’d like to tell UrbanWire readers?

Rachel: UrbanWire rocks!

Who’s that girl?

Her full name is . . . Rachel Lee Chuan Mei.

She is . . . 23 years old.

Her family consists of herself, her dad, who is a Peranakan Chinese, and her mum, who is from Trinidad and Tobago.

Did you know that . . . Rachel has some Scottish blood?

Star Sign . . . Scorpio.

Hobbies . . . Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing), watching F1, and playing her piano and guitar.

When she has some free time . . . she hangs out with her friends as much as she can because she’s a workaholic!

Chills out places . . . Holland Village’s Wala Wala or coffee places around Siglap.

Holiday destinations . . . Canada or Trinidad and Tobago. (“To visit my relatives!”)

At the moment, she is a full-time Elite model and is pursuing a degree in Mass Communications at MDIS after graduating with a graphic design diploma last year.

Her most beautiful body part . . . “My beautiful smile!”

Her most valuable characters are . . . “My confidence and optimism in life!”

One of her major achievements in life was being one of the top 15 finalists and representing Singapore in the 2003 first-ever FHM Bikini Heaven in Miami!

Miami Action . . . is given princess treatment, getting along with other friendly finalists and rubbing shoulders with Justin Timberlake at the party!

Eye For A Guy airs every Mon at 10 pm.

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