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  • Hidden Singapore: The Deep, Dark and Dilapidated

    Hidden Singapore: The Deep, Dark and Dilapidated

    Muhammad Herizzad manoeuvres his way through the labyrinth of trees as if it’s his second home as I follow closely behind. He’s my tour guide for the day at Sentosa Cove. But we aren’t here to see lavish houses, fancy yachts or manicured gardens. We’re going to trek up Mount Serapong to search for the abandoned Fort…

  • Good Charlotte Gives Back

    Good Charlotte Gives Back

    Back in 2005, the Maryland rockers filled out the Singapore Indoor Stadium at their “Noise to the World” tour, performing songs from their first 3 albums. Now, 6 years and 2 more albums later, the concert venue was considerably smaller and the fans have grown a little older, but not much else has changed. If…