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What’s Your Bra Style?

When we ladies want to make a fashion statement, we usually think “clothes”. Well, how about playing with something that’s closer to our hearts? Yes, lingerie’s what I’m talking about. Now, with La Senza launching a multitude of stylish yet comfortable bras, playing lingerie-dressing up has never been easier.

Fit to Perfection

We don’t all the chutzpah to sport conical bras like Madonna did in her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be stylish on the inside. And what a double bonus it is when lingerie not only looks good but feels good as well? Well, that’s the philosophy behind La Senza’s new SO FREE FIT FOR YOU bra collection.

With 3 fabulous styles: the Classic, Balconnet and the Shaper, the collection is truly an example of the fascinating advancement in bra technology.

Every bra is customised for each cup size, with the emphasis placed on comfort. Comfort is further enhanced through the lining of the bra. Even the bra straps aren’t spared. For those who are blessed with generous bosoms (D, DD & E cup size), La Senza throws in a structured under-band for added support and comfort. How thoughtful.

But comfortable doesn’t have to mean boring. This bra collection incorporates cool prints, lace trims, hip colours and textures to spice up everyday dressing. Feeling flirty today? Why not go with bra strap

s hemmed with lace? In the artsy-fartsy mood? Then go creative with prints.

Party like a rockstar

If you’re the sort who loves glamour, drama and lights, Lola & Coco by La Senza is your perfect choice. The collection is packed to the brim with edginess, cheekiness and a whole lot of punk and rock.

La Senza jazzes up their bras with studs, ribbons, and funky prints, ranging from zebra stripes to leopard spots to stencils. Boxers, g-strings and camisoles from Lola & Coco are splashed with cheeky messages, with slogans such as “Let’s party like a rockstar!” and “Lola rocks!” screaming out at you, or whoever you care to show your undergarments to.

So now you know, you don’t have to unleash your inner punk-rock self only when you put on your iPod headphones; the Lola & Coco by La Senza collection too allows you to indulge in some rock-lovin’ with a whole lot of punk-ass style.

Front-row session with La Senza

Fashion Director of CLEO magazine Sally Teo, who has styled celebrities like Mandy Moore, Karen Mok and Coco Lee, dished out tips for UrbanWire and 50 lucky CLEO readers on how Singaporean women can incorporate La Senza lingerie into our everyday wear. Armed with a few mannequins and the new collections, Sally captivated the readers during this specially arranged front-row session with La Senza, which took place on 17 October at the La Senza store in Suntec City Mall.


Here are some nuggets of information this UrbanWire reporter thought were very useful:


Embrace this season’s hottest trends such as tights and leather jackets by incorporating them into your daily look. Pair a patterned or printed bra with a camisole, allowing your bra to peek out teasingly. Over this, layer on a leather jacket for a chic yet flirty look. If you have a bra that is hemmed with frills, do the same, allowing the tip of it to peek out from under a tunic. For those who shy away from revealing too much skin, tights are the way to go, and they add a dash of colour to your outfit too.


If you don’t have the slightest idea what boylegs are, think shorts. The mini version. Boylegs are good for sheer bottoms or tight-fitting jeans, since they are seamless. Say aye to no more unsightly visible panty lines! But what about my g-string, you protest. Unfortunately, it’s no longer “hip” to show to the entire world, regardless of how sexy you think it is.

Party wear

Can’t figure out what you should wear to a party or prom night? How about a corset? Pick a plain one, then express your creativity by dressing it up with ribbons and sequins. If you aren’t sure if you’ve gone overboard with your corset, look to Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron for inspiration. She’s one actress who mixes style with elegance brilliantly, her looks on the red carpet never going wrong.

With these styling tips and La Senza’s sensual collections, trying to not look stylish and sexy is hard. Says who, you wonder? The envious gazes and glances thrown your way when you sashay down the streets ought to tell you.

Deepti Bhatta
Deepti Bhatta
Deepti Bhatta is a versatile wordsmith whose passion for storytelling knows no bounds. With a background in literature and a penchant for exploration, Deepti brings a fresh perspective to the realm of entertainment writing.


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