The UrbanWire is an entertainment and lifestyle magazine produced by final-year online journalism students of the School of Film & Media Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, in Singapore since 2002.

This magazine exists to give young adults, between 18 to 25 years old, a voice and a community that embraces and engages them. Because our articles are written by young adults for young adults, UrbanWire is confident we offer something quite unique.

Campus connection

On top of Internet exclusives, we aim to be definitive source of campus news by being a one-stop source of the best reporting carried out by our peers in Print Journalism (campus newspaper npTribune and hype magazine), TV Journalism, Radio Journalism and Photojournalism.

We welcome feedback, advertising queries and editorial contributions from you.

Our contributors

Our contributors are required to assign copyright to us because our agreement with an American wire agency is contingent on their not needing to get permission to distribute to newspapers and other websites anything within We reserve the editorial right to publish or edit any material given to us.

This arrangement is beneficial to our contributors and journalists, because it opens the door for the publication in the United States.

Because we are non-profit, we are unable to pay writers for their articles. We are grateful that this has not stopped a number of talented individuals from sending in their pieces. They include Shawn Wickens, an editorial cartoonist based in New York and Hanny Wan, who has a Journalism Masters from Chicago.

Editorial Team

Managing and Founding Editor : Robin Yee
Social Media Consultant: Preetam Rai
Web Consultant: Jinson Xu
Resident columnist: Ronald Wan

Current Editors:
Amanda Foo
Amiril Muhaimin
Clarissa Chiang
Geraldine Lee
Michelle Ng
Ng Jian Yang
Reuben Lopez
Sophie Hong

Current Reporters:

UW 2.0

In July 2008, UrbanWire underwent a major revamp – UW 2.0.

Together with web developer Jasper Chen, co-editor Cheak Hong Ian and Lee Xian JieUW editor Boo Jian Wen Jeremy redesigned and updated the magazine to meet the demands of this generation.

In UW 2.0, Web 2.0 technology is integrated into the editorial system. Updates are quicker to meet your demands. Readers are encouraged to participate in the editorial process, by telling us what stories they want to read and/or contributing images and videos of their own.

UW 2.0 was launched on Aug 1, 2008.