Preview: If I Were Superman

Preview: If I Were Superman

With Festive Films, UrbanWire is giving away 5 pairs of movie preview tickets to watch If I Were Superman on Oct 9.

To win a pair of tickets, answer the following question and email the correct answer, along with your full name, NRIC number, and contact number, to [email protected] by October 7.

“Superman” cannot tap into his power because he doesn’t have kryptonite in his head. True/False?

Here’s another Korean drama starring Ji-hyun (My Sassy Girl), a pretty lass specializing in producing human interest stories. Now into her third year of work at a small company, she grows disillusioned and eventually calls it quits, but not before leaving with the company’s video camera.

Then, enter the agoofy-clad-in-Hawaiian shirts leading man who claims to be Superman when he saves the damsel in distress from a robber. Here’s where the human drama begins, when “Superman” reveals that he cannot tap into his supernatural powers as villains have placed kryptonite inside his head.

Remember that this is a Korean drama movie. So we’re not telling you what happens from here. You’ll have to see it to know.

Preview Screening Details

Date: Oct 9, Thursday
Time: 7:15 pm
Venue: Plaza Singapore, GV Plaza, Hall 4
Rating: PG

Movie Details

Director: Chung Yun-Chul
Cast: Jeon Ji-Hyun (My Sassy Girl), Hwang Jeong-min
Language: In Korean with English and Chinese subtitles
Runtime: 106 min


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