Outlander-Win Preview Tickets

Outlander-Win Preview Tickets

In conjunction with Festive Films, The UrbanWire is giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the preview screening of Outlander.

Simply answer the question below and email the correct answer with your full name, NRIC, and contact number to [email protected] to win the tickets.

The character Kainan is played by James Cavizel.” True/False?

The contest ends Feb 10.

Preview screening details

Date: Feb 12, Thursday
Time: 6:45 pm
Venue: Lido Classic
Language: English

About the movie

Outlander is a big melting pot of absurdly mismatched themes– sci-fi, adventure, and medieval history.

It is the year 709 A.D.

Kainan, played by James Cavizel (The Passion of the Christ), a humanoid alien, crashlands on Earth and into ancient Norway, bringing with him a monster known as the Moorwen.

Both man and monster are seeking revenge for violence directed at them in the past, but the Moorwen – a bloodthirsty predator – starts terrorizing and ravaging the Viking tribes. Kainan soon allies with the Vikings to kill the monster by fusing his highly advanced technology with their Iron Age weaponry.

It’s Predator-meets-Beowulf-meets-Braveheart.

Movie details

Release date: Feb 19
Language: English
Rating: TBA
Genre: Action
Starring: Ron PerlmanBenicio Del Toro, James Caviezel, Jack Huston, Sophia Myles
Directed by: Howard McCain



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