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Online Labels Unite @ The Fashion Uprising

Mannequins lining the dance floor and shoes neatly arranged on bar counters… An outsider might think this a strange sight at one of Singapore’s most popular clubs, but if you’re clued in, you’d know that Zouk was transformed into a retail mall for The Fashion Uprising, a shopping bash organised by Chic Kiss Love (CKL) on Jul 22.

Launched this year, CKL’s a fashion enterprise that aims to unite the crème de la crème of local online fashion retailers and catapult them to greater heights.

So exclusive is CKL that retailers are included by-invite only with “quality, customer service and aesthetics” as the criteria in their selection of online shops.

The first of its kind, CKL acts as “marketing arm of these labels”, Ngeow Jiawen, their marketing director, tells UrbanWire.

The 24-year-old who co-founded CKL also hopes that this alliance will strengthen the participating online boutiques such that they will be able “to compete with other international online labels”, such as ASOS.

UrbanWire’s two cents? It’s about time that online shops here start thinking globally, given their immense success in Singapore since its emergence in 2005. For example, LiveJournal one of the popular hosting sites for blogshops, reported that the 50,000 or so local blogshops under them raked in S$96 million last year.

Online Labels Unite @ The Fashion Uprising
Online Labels Unite @ The Fashion Uprising

The 12 Participating Labels

Currently, CKL houses 12 online labels:

Click on any of the links to the online shops above and you will find that most of them have developed clear, strong identities and even have their own in-house labels.

Coupled with the appealing website designs and idiot-proof online checkout systems, these labels are years ahead of the run-of-the-mill blogshops out there and deserve to be in a class of their own.


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