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Master of Prata

Fancy eating your way through more pratas than you can even imagine possibly existed?

With approximately 26 exotic and unique prata (an Indian fried pancake) variations in its menu such as the Italian prata, the French prata, which is stuffed with bananas and chocolate and the Chip-chop prata filled with red bean paste, Mr Prata, the 8-month old establishment is a goldmine found in Clementi which is crowded with mostly Chinese food stalls.

Master of Prata
Invigorating Taste Buds
What’s Up

Master of Prata
Instead of choosing to open his shop this February near the Clementi central where there is high human traffic, Mr Aboul Naseer, 45, owner of Mr Prata, chose a spot under HDB blocks for sentimental reasons. When he lived in Clementi 18 years ago, not only were there not many good Indian food stalls, he also found it inconvenient to have supper being beyond the central vicinity. “There is a prata business here [outside the borders of Clementi central] and it is in high demand,” affirmed Naseer.

All the unique prata and roti John (bread that is soaked in egg before frying) are the brainchild of both Naseer and his wife “We taste the food every day. It’s never-ending because we must maintain the quality [of the food].” Citing their Italian prata as an example, he said that customers’ tastes are ever-changing, and unlike other prata stalls which continue to use the same recipe over and over, he updates the taste according to the trends.

When asked if they have a secret recipe, Naseer commented, “It’s in the flour,” but declined to say anymore.

Invigorating Taste Buds

UrbanWire gears up for a feast at Mr Prata to give you a verdict on this popular prata place.

Plain Prata
A prata house’s plain prata is possibly the best gauge of the quality of what the shop has to offer. After trying it, Raymond Tham, my UrbanWire colleague commented it “tastes a little flour-ish”. Although I seconded Raymond’s sentiment, I found the combination with the chicken curry was most savoury I’ve had.

Cheese and Mushroom Prata
The 1st item that caught my eye on the menu was the Cheese and Mushroom Prata ($2.50). Not only is it crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, the mushroom filling is soft and juicy. In addition, Mr Prata uses grated Mozzarella cheese instead of cheese slices, so the cheese is evenly spread out throughout the prata. Aside from experiencing the pleasure of having the cheese melt in your mouth, the prata fills you up, making it value for money.

Italian Prata
Think ‘pizza prata’ and you would have unravelled the key to the Italian Prata ($6). In this East-meets-West dish, the tomato sauce and cheese fuses together inside the prata to form a “pizza”. Together, it blends splendidly with Indian curry. The verdict: Although is might be the most pricy prata on the menu, it is definitely worth a try to experience how 2 dishes worlds apart taste so right together.

Tuna and Mayonnaise Murtabak
When sharing with your family and friends, order a murtabak (bigger version of the prata with meat fillings) instead. The Tuna and Mayonnaise Murtabak ($3.00) is stuffed with a generous portion of tuna and dark sweet sauce and topped with mayonnaise. The only drawback is that the sweet chilli sauce the murtabak is served with masks its taste. UrbanWire suggests you leave the chilli sauce out, because the murtabak already tastes good on its own.

Tissue Prata
To satisfy my sweet tooth, I decided to have Tissue Prata ($1.50) for dessert. I have always been particular about the state of my tissue prata, as this reflects the chef’s skill and asethics efforts. . My fears were put to rest when I was served one that balanced beautifully on its tips. It also had a sweet buttery aroma – unusual because tissue pratas are usually odourless – that reminded me of piping hot butter cookies. The chef had taken the extra effort to butter the underside of the prata before adding sugar to it. The crispy prata snaps off easily, and the butter and sugar mix melts deliciously in your mouth – sweet without being sickening.

What’s Up
Look out for Mr Prata’s up-and-coming dish, Bomb Prata, soon to make an appearance in their menu. Nasser revealed that this prata will be the result of a collaboration with a “noodle chef that works at a restaurant at Causeway Point” and is still at its experimental stage, unlike similarly named ones you may have tried elsewhere. Other patrons will no doubt look forward to, air-conditioners will also be installed in the store within the month, so that customers can enjoy their hot pratas in cool comfort.

Although Mr Prata might not catch your eye at first glance because its exterior might be a little plain in comparison to other eating places, you can be sure of a satisfying prata meal once you step into the shop. With Naseer’s ‘customers come first’ policy, Mr Prata is definitely a place I would frequent as often as possible to fulfil my stomach’s calling to test out every single dish on the menu. True to its name, Mr Prata is certainly the Master of roti prata.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Place
Blk 320 Clementi Ave 2
Tel: 68731633

Opening Hours
6.30am to 10.30pm

Getting There
The nearest MRT station is Clementi and there is a bus interchange within 5 minutes walking distance.
Buses: 7, 96, 99, 105, 106,154, 156, 165, 166, 173, 184.



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