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A magazine produced by students doesn’t have to look and sound like one.

At hype, we pride ourselves on being a rigorous professional training ground for the
future movers and shakers in the magazine scene in Singapore and beyond.

This is why hype alumni are staffing the newsrooms of popular entertainment and lifestyle mags such as 8 Days, Lime magazine, FiRST, as well as starting and running niche publications of their own.

Our third-year editorial team from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies will be building on a strong track record where

  • ST Life! wanted to profile us when it did a feature on niche publications in Singapore,
  • local magazines, newspapers and even television stations have built on our stories and occasionally even plagiarised from us
  • we won praise from MediaCorp Publishing’s iconic Editorial Director Michael Chiang, and
  • we had contributions in our fashion pages from London-based photographer Chris Cypert.

We’re only 10 years old, with 22 issues under our belt, but since our first cover featuring Under One Roof’s Venetta Lopez and Moses Lim, we’ve come a long way, moving to interviewing Alicia Keys, doing overseas phoners and hauling clothes and models all the way to New York for a fashion shoot.

Our 80-page magazine, meant primarily for our Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus readers, is also snapped up from about 20 downtown locations where trendy youths hang out. Pick up a free copy for yourself,

You might just find out what the hype is all about.



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