“They are into this planet, space, galaxy theme and they will watch the videos everyday continually,” she said, adding that it gave her the idea of making a piece dedicated to her children.

“I wanted to do something that I can embroider and then tell them a story after that, which is why I wanted to do something inspired by them.”

Influence from grandmother’s Peranakan culture

Ms Tan’s passion in making crafts was first kindled by her grandmother during her childhood years.

“Crochet, knitting as well as sewing were something that my grandma taught me.”

Having such a deep connection with her grandmother since young, Ms Tan wanted to incorporate her grandmother’s Peranakan heritage into the art she makes.

“My embroidery is inspired by my grandma’s Peranakan culture, so I wanted to use the Peranakan essence and make it into something more contemporary and modern,” she said.

Ms Tan specifically took the element of beading found in Peranakan clothing such as the Peranakan beaded slippers.

“I like to use a lot of beads, but I use them in a more colorful way like the Peranakans would do, such as having pastel and more vibrant colors.”

Future career goals

While her Instagram page has provided more opportunities for her art career, Ms Tan has a few plans in mind to take it further.

“In a few years’ time, I hope to have a shop whereby I have space to do workshops and sell craft products”.