Jerry Singh will disagree if you think you’ve had chai in Singapore.

That’s why the 35-year-old entrepreneur brought chai here after he tried it at the airport leaving India, so others may try “the very essence of traditional chai which the consumer market has, up to now, never heard of simply because it has never been served in its true authentic form.”

The term for tea in Arabic and Russian is also the Hindi reference to sweetened, spiced milk tea, a refreshing drink to knock back (either warm for chillier rainy days or iced on Singapore’s many sweltering tropical days).

Chaitime offers its customers a special sensory experience by bringing them a little piece of India with every cup of chai. It caters to two different tea ranges: one for the spice and one for the tea.

As its name suggests, the Masala range introduces alluring spices from different Indian regions, including the full-bodied Spicy Masala Chai Latte ($5.80) and the Relaxing Cardamom Chai Latte ($5.80).

The Experience range, sold ‘espresso-like’, has more tea than spices in their blend for the everyday caffeine addict. Named to reflect the colorful background of India, it features drinks such as the Mumbai Tapri Chai Latte ($5.80) and the Famous Dhaba Chai Latte ($5.80).

Inspired to infuse 2 different sides, Chaitime reflects a blend of cultures and times. Its fossilized wood panels and the old-school refurbished chairs complement its flavourful array of chai, settling you into simpler times.

Specializing in this exotic drink, Chaitime offers up to 19 different blends for your choosing. Their Signature Iced Rose Tea ($6.50) is a light mix of roses and is the perfect drink for their Masala Chicken Croissant ($4.80).

Softly flavored with rose, the drink helps cleanse the palate after each bite of the heavy buttery flavor of the croissant. Put together with a soft croissant, the sandwich’s stuffed with crispy lettuce, layered generously with masala chicken, and topped off with thinly sliced hard-boiled eggs.

If you’re not looking for a full meal but a quick pick-me-up, the Railway Platform Chai Latte ($5.80). Delivering a swift kick with its heavy fusion of Assam black tea and spices such as ginger and black pepper, this drink is sure to feel all the way to the back of your head.

While many beverages are a wonderful first step into authentic chai, perhaps the Organic Green Darjeeling ($7) should be left for the more experienced. Light-bodied and fresh, it cuts across the palate, leaving an aftertaste that might be a tinge too bitter for many.

If you are around Shenton Way, stop by this quaint café, which feels more at home in one of the many shophouses along Tiong Bahru. Nominated one of Singapore’s Top 500 SMEs for 2013, arguably Singapore’s first authentic Chai café sits right above the Tanjong Pagar MRT station, past Starbucks and Huggs.

This specialty tea store opened last December and has grown strong ever since. Plans to open four more outlets within the year are in the works.


Price Rating: $

Rating: ★★★★✩
AXA Tower, 8 Shenton Way, #B1-02

Opening Hours: 08:00 to 18:00 (Mon – Fri)
Contact info:
6423 1155

[email protected]



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