Author: Bijen Pradhan

  • Darin Zanyar: The Charming Heartthrob

    Darin Zanyar: The Charming Heartthrob

    If you’ve never heard of this 28-year-old singer-songwriter from Sweden, it’s about time you do! Having clinched second place in the 2004 season of Swedish Idol, Darin Zanyar has got all the girls swooning with his charming looks. 9 years later, he continues to age like wine and finally decides to please us with his sweet-sounding vocals in…

  • Firefly Shines Kinda Bright

    Firefly Shines Kinda Bright

    On the evening that proved a culmination of 8 months of labor for the cast and crew, 17 year old Shayna Toh’s Firefly in the Light began its maiden flight at the Arts House. The podium was a cornucopia of instruments arranged for the musical ensemble. Both cluttered and claustrophobic, the platform was squeezed with brass and…

  • Hidden Singapore: The Deep, Dark and Dilapidated

    Hidden Singapore: The Deep, Dark and Dilapidated

    Muhammad Herizzad manoeuvres his way through the labyrinth of trees as if it’s his second home as I follow closely behind. He’s my tour guide for the day at Sentosa Cove. But we aren’t here to see lavish houses, fancy yachts or manicured gardens. We’re going to trek up Mount Serapong to search for the abandoned Fort…