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Bird Paradise: An Avian Adventure

Explore the wonders of Bird Paradise, Asia’s largest bird park, as The Urbanwire Team takes you on a thrilling flight.

The Urbanwire Team flocks to Bird Paradise for an unforgettable avian adventure through Asia’s largest bird park.

Singapore has unveiled its new highly anticipated bird park, Bird Paradise. Previously known as Jurong Bird Park, it has now been relocated to Mandai. The bird park is the latest addition to Mandai Wildlife Reserve, alongside Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Wonders.

The new bird park has eight walk-through aviaries and is home to 3,500 birds from 400 species. Its key highlights include a 20-m tall waterfall as a tribute to the Jurong Bird Park Waterfall Aviary, a penguin sanctuary, and a behind-the-scenes experience with the avian veterinarians.

Bird paradise

Look forward to getting up close and personal with these feathered friends through feeding programmes offered by four of Bird Paradise’s aviaries – Nyungwe Forest Heart of Africa, Lory Loft, Mysterious Papua, and Kuok Group Wings of Asia. Each session has an $8 fee and all proceeds will support conservation projects across the region. Remember, the early bird gets the worm, so book your spot now as slots are limited!

Bird paradise

Want a break from the heat? Catch the Wings of the World presentation featuring the park’s beloved feathered residents at the 2,000-seater Sky Amphitheatre. Additionally, raptor-lovers can marvel at the hunting skills of birds of prey in the Predators on Wings presentation.

Nearby in the Ocean Express Penguin Cove, you’ll find four species of our favourite flightless bird. Admire these little divers as they swim and waddle around with their happy feet!

Bird paradise

With 24 percent of the bird park’s species threatened in their natural habitats, Bird Paradise is actively involved in avian conservation efforts. See if you can spot some of their protected wonders such as the Blue-eyed Cockatoo, Knobbed hornbill, and Straw-headed bulbul! Fun fact, Bird Paradise is also home to the largest genetic reserve of Hornbills under human care.

Don’t forget to check out the Instagrammable spots around the park. Watch out! A feathered friend may swoop in and steal the spotlight once in a while.

In addition, foodies can choose from a variety of food options at the entrance and in the bird park itself. For Muslim visitors, there are some halal food choices near the entrance such as Old Chang Kee, A&W, and Pavilion Banana Leaf.

There are also multi-faith rooms with an ablution area beside the washrooms near the entrance for those looking for a space to pray. However, you will have to bring your own prayer mats and garments as these are not provided.

Bird Paradise is welcoming visitors for its soft opening period from May 8 to May 26, 2023, where visitors can enjoy special ticket rates starting from $38/adult, $23/child and $20/senior citizen. Standard ticket price applies from May 27, 2023, onwards.

Take a look at our avian adventure through Bird Paradise!

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Kasturba Subba
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