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Follow energetic teens Erin Wong and Natasha Koh on their 10-day self-funded adventure in Japan.
No time to go shopping for Christmas decorations? With 24 hours to Christmas, here’s seven ideas to craft with materials you can find at home.
24 Dec 2022
What started with online works of art has evolved into something much more. Inspiring interactive experiences and serving as a medium for artists’ creativity to run wild.
Three local museums featuring a variety of themes and aesthetic installations for everyone.
Three dessert spots that pack a sweet punch offering both traditional and modern desserts.
9 Dec 2022
Cracking the code behind what puts the ‘heart’ into the art of these virtual influencers who bring together the digital and physical worlds.
Eight polytechnic graduates from different backgrounds share their experiences navigating life after graduation.
All prices of recommended dishes are under $10 nett.
18 Nov 2022
From making your own ice-cream to painting on sneakers, there’s no lack of DIY activities that you can try this holiday.
Faith Chong plans to perform on the streets with her puppet Uncle Seng once she gets her busking licence.

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