In Singapore, halal food tends to be more traditional Malay or Indian cuisine. The team at The Halal Corner are challenging this notion with their take on fusion food. They elevate locals’ favourite traditional cuisines by fusing them with other cuisines like Western and Korean.

You might know them from when they had hawker centre outlet chains. While only one hawker stall remains, they prospered by opening a youthful cafe at one of Singapore’s most popular tourist destinations, Haji Lane. 

Kaleemullah Saffarullah, co-owner of The Halal Corner, shared on the restaurant’s progression and what drives them to be what they are now.

Watch the video below to find out more about the Halal Corner!

Producer: Nur Syafina Binte Imran
Lead Videographer: Elena Tay
Assistant Videographer: Josiah Lee
Video Editor: Elena Tay