(From left to right) Mr Victor Chan, 69, Mr Ng Bee Kia, 76, Mr Ngai Hin Kwok, 73, and Mr Qian Hong, 63, are the members of Team Strong Silvers who share a common goal of encouraging people of all ages to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Photo Credit: Team Strong Silvers

Team Strong Silvers, a group of “muscle men” in their 60s to 80s, have drawn more than 7,000 followers, 72,500 likes and 2.1 million views on TikTok since they joined the platform in July 2019.

These granfluencers (grandparent influencers), who are known for their eye-popping abs, have been on Facebook and YouTube for nine years. They have also been on Instagram for seven years.

Now, Team Strong Silvers hope that their younger viewers on TikTok would share their workout videos with their grandparents and inspire them to adopt an active lifestyle. 

“The grandparents are more likely to listen to (their) younger (family members),” said Mr Robert Ho, 51, the facilitator who manages the team’s social media pages.

While the granfluencers are now TikTok-famous, how much do they know about the youth-centric platform? Are they game to do some workouts to the beats of trending music? Find out more as they speak to The UrbanWire in this video. 

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