Can Wysa, an emotionally-intelligent chatbot really understand our woes? Find out from our video review.
The UrbanWire team is done hiding and finding geocaches. It’s now your turn.
The UrbanWire’s Fion and Adiel try to locate the geocache they hid for each other in this episode.
22 Jul 2021
The UrbanWire takes a dive into the world of Geocaching by making our own geocaches using household materials.
21 Jul 2021
Fresh graduates with Computer Science degrees from NUS and NTU are among the most sought-after and best-paid in their cohort.
6 Jul 2021
The UrbanWire checks out how Omori, Night in the Woods and Actual Sunlight portray mentally-ill characters in their gameplay.
Some Singaporean students are gaming much longer now as they are able to attend online classes from the comfort of their own rooms.
Many online shoppers would appreciate fintech firms like Hoolah and Atome for offering interest-free installment, but should we checkout with this option?
23 Feb 2021
Some students, especially those enrolled in foreign universities, want school fees lowered since they’re not using campus facilities.
17 Feb 2021
Take the quiz below to find out if you can tell between the real and fake video call backgrounds.
7 Jun 2020

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