Want to de-stress? You can break beer bottles and ceramic bowls. IWANI reports now at The Fragment Room.
Check out the enthralling moments from the Broadway dance musical premiering in Singapore.
Take your skincare game up a notch with these organic options.
13 Sep 2017
The latest adaptation of the popular musical about star-crossed lovers will be staged at Marina Bay Sands this September.
The veteran singer-songwriter recounted how he felt like a “criminal” as a rock musician back in 1970s Singapore.
Charmaine Leung recounts the bittersweet tales of her childhood.
Which is the best 35mm film under $10? Young film photographer Jermine Chua takes her pick.
26 Jul 2017
Base make-up products may look the same, but do they work the same?
26 Jul 2017
Charmaine Leung chronicles her childhood living in the red-light district.
12 Jul 2017
Take a look at some of the all-time favorite musicals that have inspired the exciting setlist.

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