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Coming from a humble background, Marcus Lai shares what it’s like to study with well-heeled classmates in a well-resourced school.
4 Jan 2019
Two elite school students share how they’ve made close friends with non-elite school students.
28 Dec 2018
Are multi-school camps the answer to more friendships between students from elite and non-elite schools?
21 Dec 2018
Expats say they simply move to where their skills are needed and valued.
17 Dec 2018
More inter-ethnic couples in Singapore are calling it quits. What’s causing their split?
14 Dec 2018
With more youths turning to multiple professional careers, The UrbanWire meets 3 youths with ‘slash careers’.
7 Nov 2018
Crazy Rich Asians associate producer’s road to Hollywood wasn’t without some major bumps.
15 Oct 2018
Meet the unconventional street performer who merged yoga with calligraphy.
5 Oct 2018
The UrbanWire she speaks to three women in their 20s working in Singapore’s funeral industry.
5 Sep 2018
Stamp artist Zheng Jiahui shows how you can create your own National Day handcrafted stamp in just 6 steps.
8 Aug 2018

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