Stash those bright colours this fall. The hottest colour this season is ironically, nude.

Sephora worked with m:idea, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s youth-led media conglomerate, to launch Urban Decay’s latest addition – the Nude Palette. Sephora Ion held 3 makeup classes over 2 days from 17 to 18 Sept conducted by Urban Decay’s head makeup artist, Eric Jimenez. The UrbanWire headed down to check out the event and hopefully, to be able to pick up some useful makeup tips.

Jimenez, with 5 years of makeup experience under his belt, taught the participants how to fully utilise the Nude Palette to create different stunning looks and imparted valuable beauty tips. One of which was doing the eye makeup before applying concealer and foundation on the face to prevent the eye makeup from falling onto the cheeks.

“I’ve always done it the other way! But now, I know that it’s better to put my eyeshadows before concealer,” Abby, 19, who participated in the makeup class said.

With much passion and enthusiasm, Jimenez challenged the participants to experiment with their cosmetics because he noted, “most girls want their makeup product to work for them in more than just one way”.

Another participant, Aini, 24, was delighted to learn the correct technique of applying bronzer from Jimenez.

“I’ve been trying to learn but so far I’ve failed. Now that he showed me another method, I will go home and try!”

Besides regularly conducting makeup classes using Urban Decay products all around the world, Jimenez also worked with various big names in the industry. In his words, “I have always worked with women of all shapes, sizes, races and nationalities and I love it!”

In a short interview with UrbanWire, he excitedly exclaimed that it’s his 4th trip to Singapore and he loved the high humidity level in Singapore, as it’s good for hydrating the skin.

“All Singaporean girls just need a good cleansing regime with a good cleanser, a water-based moisturizer and exfoliate regularly. If you have good skin, you don’t need to cover it up with lots of makeup”, he said.

Also, Jimenez emphasised the importance of a good diet. He personally prefers tea to coffee to keep his body and skin hydrated, which is especially essential on long plane rides.

What is one makeup item that every girl should have? It’s a lipstick, he says. Other than putting it on the lips, one can blend it on the cheeks as a blush or on the eye as an eyeshadow to add colour to the face.

“I believe all women are beautiful. They just need to feel that they are,” he said.

The entire range of Urban Decay products may be found at Sephora Ion.