If fashion and football are separate entities in your dictionary (like they are in mine), you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know how wearable a fusion of both, even in the hands of youths, can be.

Nike Sportswear unveiled its Summer 2010 Collection in a spontaneous student stylist competition at Wisma Atria on April 13 and UrbanWire was there to give you a sneak peek at what went on.

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Drawing inspiration from football, Nike Sportswear Summer 2010 Collection, which is targeted at youths, takes silhouettes from the field as inspiration for the street-wear fashion scene.

While sportswear is nothing new, these new threads from Nike definitely dazzled many as 4 student stylists from Raffles Design Institutes competed to style 2 celebrities and 2 athletes in the neon-coloured apparels and sneakers.


4 looks with the same number of themes that were revealed only at the start of the competition were put together in just a span of 15 minutes.

“To be honest, I haven’t really got the chance to look into the mirror yet! But I’m very open to the idea of wearing bright colours,” exclaimed actress Pamelyn Chee, a FLY Entertainment artiste, who donned the winning outfit.


Xara Lee, 23, who was tasked to style Chee in “Harajuku street” style, won the votes of the audiences with her extravagant styling and brave experimentation of clashing colours in her choice of outfits and accessories.

“Harajuku is all about the burst of colours, which is in line with Nike’s. To complete the look, I added colourful ‘heartshape’ clips in her hair. Accesorising is necessary,” explained Xara Lee. She won $1000 worth of Nike products and vouchers.


Rocking the runway in their outfit were model/actor Bobby Tonelli, a FLY Entertainment artiste, who was styled as “Metro Sexy Male”, Naila Nadwana, Fitness First Instructor, who was given the “Rock Chic” look and national footballer Hariss Harun, who had a chance to play his own fan, dressed as “Football Obsessed Teen”.


Hariss, 20, whose daily usual outfit is his team gear, confessed to UrbanWire that it was only recently that he started to pay attention to how he dresses in public.

Togged in a yellow tee, a white N98 track jacket, cuffed pants and a scarf, Hariss exclaimed, “It’s the first time I’m wearing a scarf actually! It’s a new change, I think I look quite stylish now.” His stylist Anchal Seth, also 20, muct have been pleased.

Singapore’s best known fashion director, who has produced international couture runway shows and styled icons such as Louis Vuitton, Daniel Boey explained, “Sports fashion has been around for a long time. Even my grandfather used to wear it. Nike just took in the hems, made it seamless and adapted it so you can wear it as a fashion item today.”

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Perhaps incorporating sportswear into your daily outfit isn’t as challenging as you might imagine after all. Swapping pumps for high-cut sneakers and flimsy windbreakers for seamless slim-fit jackets are baby steps you can take to explore the fashion sportswear scene while retaining your personal style.

Ultimately, Boey reminds us, “Shops invest in fitting rooms for a reason. Laugh at yourself in private but in there, you can determine what fits you and what does not.”

All pictures taken by Jasmine Chong from Kilx Photography.