Chua Enlai and Judee Tan are a hoot. They’re even better when accompanied with the food at OverTime. Just make sure you have a bud that knows the Heimlich manoeuvre with you.
16 Oct 2011
If you fancy a little joy and laughter during mid-week, the best place to be at is OverTime Dempsey on a Wednesday.
8 Oct 2011
Ride the waves with internationally acclaimed DJs, FHM girls, and free flow shots…What more can you ask for?
Dim the lights, it’s time for the second in a series of Prelude’s Rooftop Sunset Parties!
24 May 2011
Zouk celebrated their 20th birthday with a bang 4 nights in a row, concluding acts from world renowned DJs such as Armin van Buuren.
18 Apr 2011
A tale of two brothers and a French Horn left the crowd at Velvet Underground wanting more.
It’s Zouk’s tenth anniversary and here’s 10 things you gotta do for the biggest beach party of the year!
6 Dec 2010
Even someone with attention-deficit disorder will have plenty to focus on in BluJaz Cafe, a casual restaurant, bar and a music lounge for local jazz talent that’s expanding to a second outlet.
2 Jun 2010
Clubbing with an outrageous difference is what 3 youths promise with their OMG! It’s Pop party, coming your way on New Year’s eve.
29 Dec 2009
With a flavour graveyard, reminiscent of the one in their ice cream plant tour in America where unpopular flavours are killed, and free flow of ice cream…
5 Nov 2009

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