Casual was the watchword at the very first m:idea Youth Choice Awards ceremony as celebrities took a breather and cut themselves some slack from the usual dressy award ceremonies. Steering away from the standard suits and cocktail dresses, the nominees for the respective awards came dressed in comfort clothes as requested.

Despite the casual getup, these are the celebrities who deserved a second glance.

Ris Low


If you don’t already know her, Ris Low, ex-Miss Singapore World 2009, is infamous for her coining new words “boomz” and “shingz”, which have become a part of our national vocabulary. The much-awaited fashionista was expected to strut down the red carpet in a seemingly bold red bikini or her personal favourite – an outfit with leopard prints.

However, hopes were dashed as the ex-pageant queen appeared in a more ordinary outfit. Ris says, “The maxi dress maximizes my look as it’s long and it makes me look much taller.”

Her buzzwords landed her as the winner of the Best OMG (short for Oh My God)! Moment category and Ris feels that she can land herself with the Best OMG! Dressed award if m:idea had such a category.


With much confidence, Ris declares that the most “OMG” factor about her style would be her guts to turn a deaf ear to comments to dress as she likes. Ris said: “I’m daring and I’m not afraid to show my body.”

Ris likes to think of herself as a Barbie doll and makes sure that she is well dolled up at all times. Aren’t you curious about whom she gets her fashion inspirations from?

Drum-roll please…

Britney Spears!

Yes, that’s right. Britney’s hit song “Circus” might just explain Ris’s liking for safari-themed clothes.

For a change, the much-talked-about celebrity is now experimenting with colours. Ris declares, “Violet is the new red.” (Red was initially her favourite colour.) So be it a disappointment or relief for you, don’t expect to see Ris in outfits with leopard prints for now.

Instead, look out for her upcoming fashion style as she gears herself up with lots of Tarzan and Jane-inspired togas that shout “boomz”!

Fauzi Rassull


If you thought that Ris Low’s getup would be the most note-worthy at the awards, you’ve thought wrong. Self-proclaimed as “Singapore’s only male bitch”, Fauzi Rassull rocked the red carpet with his appearance. Dressed in an all-black outfit from head to toe, literally, including a women’s cropped fur vest and heeled boots, this blogger had no qualms when it comes to wearing clothes designed for the opposite sex.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s for women or not. I feel comfortable in it and that’s all that matters,” said Fauzi.

This snazzy daredevil may get all the attention but it’s not always complimentary. Fauzi says, “I get a lot of stares from people from the streets but I’m not affected as I’m immune and I’ve accepted it.”

Apart from comfort, Fauzi also feels more confident in his dressing. 2 fashion must-haves that he can’t leave home without would be his black eyeliner that accentuates his eyes and his black nail polish.

Quite like Adam Lambert, don’t you think?

But no, the American Idol first runner-up is not his fashion inspiration. Fauzi idolises skinny models that are “thin-spired” like Agyness Deyn.

Other noteworthy celebs


Celebrity pair Muttons from 987FM, voted “Celebrity Duo I Wanna Chill With”, came in similar tees that are flashy but not over the top, from Ed Hardy.


Winner of “Cutest Male Personality I Wanna Bring Home” Utt came dressed to the nines. “I think I OD-ed a little with my dressing today but I guess I just wanted to be courteous to dress more than less,” says Utt. His efforts to dress up definitely didn’t go to waste as his screaming fan-girls loved it.

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