The Puppini Sisters high-heeled their ways into our hearts during their 1-night-only gig here
17 Dec 2014
Our homegrown rapper talks local airwaves, music and world domination
17 Dec 2014
Comedy rock juggernaut Tenacious D unleashed mock-rock mayhem with pomp and vigor.
14 Dec 2014
The sun went down and the international stars came out.
12 Dec 2014
Not everyone lives under a rainbow, but we can make our own, as we learnt from Jason Mraz and Raining Jane
3 Dec 2014
The princesses of Japanese electronic dance music returned to Singapore for the 2nd stop of their world tour.
21 Nov 2014
Singer-songwriter Reuby spoke to UrbanWire about polishing his music to become what he is today – a musical gem
4 Nov 2014
Kang Gary spends some quality time with fans in his solo debut showcase.
3 Nov 2014
Music lovers rejoice! Sundown Festival is back with a bigger line-up than before
1 Oct 2014
South Korean hip hop band B.A.P returned to Singapore for an exclusive concert
11 Sep 2014

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