The UrbanWire team visited the ‘May-nificient Pet Pawty’ organised by Clubpets, where we explored the exciting activities alongside our beloved furry companions.

Three Bichon Frisés prepping for the perfect shot at the photobooth. Photo Credit: Dann Tan
Three Bichon Frisés prepping for the perfect shot at the photobooth. Photo Credit: Dann Tan

Not long ago, we dived into the pawsome world of the ‘May-nificent Pet Pawty‘, which was a cuteness overload! Organised by Clubpets, the event was held on May 27 and 28 at the Civil Service Club in Changi. This fur-filled extravaganza brought together pet enthusiasts, furry companions, and families for a weekend of endless fun.

From exciting contests and heartwarming adoption drives to delectable food and fantastic shopping opportunities, this event had it all. Follow us as we delve into an unforgettable experience filled with wagging tails and wag-worthy activities!

Radiating elegance and charm, three adorable dogs donned enchanting princess-themed attire, striking poses and beaming with joy as they faced the camera. Photo Credit: Dann Tan

The event boasted a vibrant marketplace teeming with vendors peddling an irresistible array of doggie delicacies, salivating treats, and exciting toys.

(Left) Gluten-free, lactose-free, and low sugar ice cream made for dogs and cats. (Right) Dr Francis Cabana, Wildlife nutritionist and PetCubes’ Director of Nutrition, putting on a bright smile at PetCubes’ pop-up store. Photo Credit: Dann Tan
(Left) Introducing Bom Bom, specialising in 100% customised and nutritionally balanced foods made from fresh ingredients for dogs and cats. (Right) Puppy posing in style at Bom Bom’s meat booth. Photo Credit: Dann Tan

As we explored the vibrant marketplace, many friendly vendors warmly greeted us and shared stories about their brands and startups. They were radiating enthusiasm as they described in detail how their products could contribute to our furry companions’ well-being.

Addiction Pet Foods, New Zealand-made pet food for Singapore pets, free from fillers and artificial preservatives. Photo Credit: Dann Tan
An assortment of colourful macarons by Woofgang Bark, crafted with all-natural ingredients specially freeze-dried for our furry friends. Photo Credit: Dann Tan
From stylish capes to trendy bandanas, The Pet’s Couture offers a delightful range of options to dress up our beloved furry companions in. Photo Credit: Dann Tan

Drumroll please…for the moment everyone was waiting for, it was the start of the doggy competitions! First up, the thrilling competition of ‘Speedy Snackers’! Dogs of all sizes eagerly participated, vying for the title of the fastest muncher. Divided into three categories – small, medium, and big – the furry contestants showcased their voracious appetites in a race against the clock.

A lineup of large dogs ready to devour their meals with lightning speed, but one stands out from the pack, on the right, a Dachshund exudes an extra dose of confidence. Photo Credit: Dann Tan
Owners priming their furry warriors for the ultimate showdown. Photo Credit: Dann Tan

Following that, it was time for the highly-anticipated ‘Paw-some Performers’. Each four-legged superstar was granted a two-minute window to unleash their remarkable skills, whether it was showcasing their obedience, remarkable fetching abilities, or even wowing the crowd with jaw-dropping skateboard stunts!

This talented pup stole the show at the ‘Paw-some Performers’ contest, effortlessly skateboarding into the spotlight. Photo Credit: Dann Tan
A ‘pupper’ showcasing its excellence as a ‘good boy,’ dutifully following its owner’s commands and earning a well-deserved applause from the crowd. Photo Credit: Dann Tan

As the thrilling contests drew to a close, sadly not every pup took home the coveted grand prize. Nevertheless, at the May-nificent Pet Pawty, the spirit of victory embraced everyone. Each contestant received a delightful goodie bag filled with treats and toys to pamper their beloved doggies with. 

Dogs and their owners graced the stage, eagerly accepting participation prizes before capturing a memorable group photo together. Photo Credit: Dann Tan
Meet the proud champions, basking in the glory of their grand prize victories. Photo Credit: Dann Tan

Curious to witness the event come to life? Check out the video below!

Regret missing out on the fun? Fret not, Clubpets has got you covered with another event coming soon!

Mark your calendars for ‘Paws in the Park‘, taking place on June 24 and 25, from 10am to 6pm, at the scenic Gardenhouse in Jurong Lake Gardens.

Prepare for a weekend filled with boundless joy! Immerse yourself in fun Pet Workshops, engaging Vet chats, an Adoption Drive, and much more.

Stay tuned, and catch you in Paws in the Park! More info can be found on their website.

Paws in the Park

Date: 24th & 25th June 2023

Timing: 10am – 6pm on both days

Location: Gardenhouse, Jurong Lake Gardens

Admission: Free!