Yearning for some adrenaline-pumping, face-melting thrill rides?

At the ongoing Marina Bay Carnival, you can get spun round and round at up to 130km/hr on the 55m-tall Mach 5, swing back and forth at up to 70 deg on the Das Fun Schiff, and scream your lungs out at every tight turn and sudden drop on the Euro Coaster.

So which thrill ride is the fastest, dizziest and scariest?

Our presenters give their take in this clip:

The carnival opens daily from 4pm to 11pm at The Promontory at Marina Bay and the Bayfront Event Space. Admission is free while the rides and games cost between $4 and $14.

Credits for the rides and games can be purchased both on-site and through their website. The carnival will end on April 1, 2018.