Mohamed Fazli shares about his “wheely” unique obsession with antique scooters.
9 Dec 2017
The Sound of Music actress shares how the Tony Award-winning musical has shaped her life and that of her co-stars.
Every successful audition often comes after 10 rejections, said the British actress who’s starred in musicals such as The Addams Family Musical and Les Misérables.
The UrbanWire finds out how the art of embroidery can be young and hip.
14 Nov 2017
Are you a space fanatic? The UrbanWire brings you to Singapore’s first ever space-themed hostel.
Interestingly, though, the songbirds’ owners are Singaporeans from all races and creeds.
Discover the quirky craft that’s transforming Singapore’s landscape one yarn bomb at a time.
Teo Zheng Yi Enoch shares how his love for cooking saved him from a life of vice.
11 Oct 2017
The traditional art of embroidery has found new, young fans, thanks to artists who are gracing social media with their work.
9 Oct 2017
2 youths find out how their career and lifestyle choices can affect their retirement plans.

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