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In Singapore, many lack the confidence to be different and stand out. This is why Anteiku Studios helps people to speak volumes of who they are through clothing. Get to know AJ and Mike, the people behind the inventive space.
15 Sep 2023
DJ Ling commands the night with electrifying mixes and pulsating beats, but as dawn breaks, he unveils his unexpected daytime identity as a skilled latte artist crafting intricate designs in a cosy coffee shop.
25 Aug 2023
Embark on a journey around the Bras Basah and Bugis area (BBB) with The UrbanWire team as we check out some of the breathtaking programmes and artworks lined up for you this year.
18 Aug 2023
The UrbanWire embarked on an unforgettable journey in Bugis+ and got transported to Hawkins, Indiana, where extraordinary mysteries unfold.
14 Aug 2023
Join The UrbanWire team as they embark on a walkabout in Paragon, Orchard Road, uncovering hidden gems that provide the ideal urban retreat.
7 Aug 2023
On 18 July 2023, The UrbanWire team visited the preview of Singapore Food Festival (SFF) for a halal food hunt. Let your taste buds experience the exclusive dishes made available only at SFF!
26 Jul 2023
Released on 30 June 2023, Uzi’s third studio album tries to further push what Hip-hop can be, yet it struggles to find its footing with a chaotic and messy tracklist and a few mediocre songs.
17 Jul 2023
With its rich cultural heritage and history, Singapore is no stranger to supernatural tales. Unveil the enigmatic world of Singapore’s supernatural tales as The UrbanWire partners with Para X, a renowned paranormal exploration group. Together, embark on a journey with us through the haunted North of Singapore.
7 Jul 2023
Kaleemullah Saffarullah, co-owner of The Halal Corner, shared with The UrbanWire on the restaurant’s progression and what drives them to be what they are now
30 Jun 2023
Join The UrbanWire team as we unravel the treads of Andrew Gn’s remarkable career of a visionary artist, exploring his unique contributions to the world of fashion
21 Jun 2023

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