When it comes to great advertising, the Heineken Walk-In Fridge really nails it. The advertisement hardly has any dialogue or jingle, yet the message is crystal clear. This ad about the age-old differences between the genders is clever, funny, and drives the message across beautifully.

What this ad nails is the moment – the Heineken moment. The moment of realisation that you have a walk-in fridge that has enough beer to last you for a long, long time. There’s just Heineken and more Heineken, and more Heineken…

This festive season, you can get as close as you want to feeling that Heineken moment! The Heineken pop-up boutique bar on Orchard Road is classy and innovative and allows visitors to quickly grab a Heineken before carrying on with their festive shopping or merrymaking.

What you can expect at the boutique-bar: Beer will be for sale on one side of the bar (that’s the bar side), and at the ‘closet’ side, Heineken has partnered with Fred Perry to display their fashionable apparel. Not only that – visitors stand to win Fred Perry discount vouchers too. And then of course, the boutique-bar makes a great opportunity for taking photographs of you and your friends re-enacting your very own Heineken moment!

The Heineken Boutique-Bar is situated outside Orchard Building until Dec 27.

You can visit www.heineken.com.sg for more details.