Adiel (above) and Fion (below) hiding their homemade geocaches after finding a suitable outdoor location. Photo Credit: Adiel Rusyaidi Ruslani and Lee Shi Wen

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity similar to treasure hunting. Anyone with a GPS-enabled smartphone can download the official app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and start hunting for the ‘treasure’, which is called a geocache.

Each geocache listed on the app’s map comes with a description, a set of coordinates, logs – journal entries by other players after finding the geocache – and an additional hint for players who need help.

Those who feel adventurous can hide their own geocaches and request for a review on the official website to get it publicly listed. Join us on our journey of making geocaches and hiding them by watching the following video!

Edited By: Charlotte Chang

Proofread By: Teo Yin Yan and Kuan Qin Yi Tricia