Mediacorp’s dramedy, Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost, which stars the celebrity couple is currently airing on Channel 8 and on meWATCH. Video Credit: August Pictures

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost is a ghost-themed dramedy featuring celebrity couple Jesseca Liu, 42, and Jeremy Chan, 39 as the main leads. 

While some couples prefer to keep their work and personal lives separate, this couple finds no problem working together on set. Though they have previously acted in the 2019 movie When Ghost Meets Zombie together, this is the first time that they’ll be “falling for each other” in a show.

Starring as Xiao Fang, Jesseca plays a spirit bound to an apartment building, while Jeremy plays Ma Da, a self-proclaimed psychic. 

Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan star as Xiao Fang and Ma Da respectively in Channel 8’s dramedy, Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost. Photo Credit: Mediacorp

In an email reply to The UrbanWire, the couple said: “It’s sort of blissful for us as we get to work, eat and go home together, if not usually we have different schedules and rarely get to eat together that often. Work-wise, we get to discuss the scripts and some of the [scenes] in regard to the drama more often and of course it makes our [chemistry] better as well.” 

They also felt that their off-screen chemistry helped to improve some scenes in the show. 

“We really like the ‘ramen steamboat’ part where [we felt that] the viewers can feel the ‘love bubbles’ as they are watching. I think we created a very hilarious yet lovely setting for that scene,” they mused.

Behind-the-scenes of Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost. Video Credit: August Pictures

Ian Fang, 30, who plays the antagonist in Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost, shared that having the couple on set made the filming process much smoother.

He added: “I was very happy when shooting. Jeremy and his wife are basically a pair of living treasures, especially Jeremy. [The filming environment was one] where everyone could cooperate and respect each other, and also accept individual opinions.”

Apart from the couple’s chemistry, viewers can look forward to a comedic and heart-warming storyline in Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost.

Bonnie Loo and Zong Zi Jie in Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost. Photo Credit: Mediacorp

Starring as Ma Da’s sidekicks are Bonnie Loo, 26 and Zong Zi Jie, 25. Bonnie plays Angie, a self-proclaimed swindler who specialises in cheating homebodies while Zi Jie plays Ah Lun, a fitness trainer who has always dreamt about being a superhero. 

Being the only apartment building residents who can see Xiao Fang, the trio – Ma Da, Angie and Ah Lun – agree to a binding “Ghost Contract” with Xiao Fang, vowing to help her find out the truth behind her death. 

While investigating the cause of Xiao Fang’s death, the trio get to know the other residents of the building and learn that most of them are having a hard time in life. Instead of focusing on Xiao Fang’s case, they end up helping the residents. 

“Because it is a comedy, all special effects [edited in the show] were thought out, and the plot is also funny. I also hope that especially in this pandemic, everyone can watch it in a relaxed mood,” said Ian.

You can catch Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost on the weekdays on Channel 8 at 9 pm or on-demand on meWATCH.

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