Bet you’re hungry! We’ve got your order from all things sweet to savoury.

Bask in the carnival-like ambience of this new kid on the waffle block.
28 Nov 2014
New ice-cream café, Rabbit Owl Depot, takes gelato making seriously.
11 Nov 2014
The Alley, as the name suggests, is a chilled retreat for eating, drinking and just lazing for a long time
10 Nov 2014
No “beet”-ing around the bush as ANG JIA YUN of HYPE finds out whether teens are embracing vegan fast food as much as their regular fast food.
6 Sep 2014
Eating good food can also mean helping those in need, as UrbanWire finds out at Ren Gastronome.
19 Aug 2014
Advancements in culinary gastronomy have led to jaw dropping and hard-to-pronounce methods of cooking over at E’spuma Lab.
13 Aug 2014
A patriotic Pezzo comes up with 2 new pizzas for Singapore’s birthday.
9 Aug 2014
The Halia’s new spin on an old dining concept will keep you asking for more.
4 Aug 2014
McCafe’s new variations of their signature cheesecakes and muffins will definitely sweeten your day.
23 May 2014
UrbanWire got a taste of New York, New York at The Manhattan Pizza Co.
22 May 2014

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