Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show is back with new angels and sexier lingerie.
4 Dec 2011
Be the first in Singapore and South-east Asia to check out New York’s street wear label, Staple Design. Now you can take the streets of The Big Apple to Singapore and even snag a piece from the Sup x Staple Limited Edition Collaboration.
3 Dec 2011
Cristiano Ronaldo wanders from the football field to sportsgear design.
1 Dec 2011
Into its third year, the Parco next NEXT Phenomena Showcase 2011 turned up the spotlight on 8 of Singapore’s homegrown designers. Up-and-coming Japanese labels, Nocturne #22 and AKIRI were also featured during the runway show.
17 Nov 2011
Haute Couture week at the inaugural Women’s Fashion Week 2011 that was followed by the great success of Men’s Fashion Week 2011, presented a season of exclusive designs showcasing the finest of Haute Couture.
10 Nov 2011
Oh, the joy of keeping warm without piling the layers on. Uniqlo shows you how comfort and style come together seamlessly, with its all-new 2011 Fall & Winter collection.
27 Oct 2011
Go beyond just jeans with Gap’s new denim collection, 1969: L.A. and Beyond
20 Oct 2011
With T90 Laser IV being the latest addition to the T90 series, what benefits can it bring to the table to ensure that every shot leaves the keeper helpless?
16 Oct 2011
Commemorating 20 years of Zouk, the club and Dr. Martens pooled together their passion with an exclusive showcase at Zouk, featuring custom-made 1461 Dr. Martens boots by 20 individuals.
15 Oct 2011
Fashionistas at the launch of HARAJUKU Street Style on Oct 7 saw bloggers like Xiaxue and Qiu Qiu working the catwalk, and rubbed shoulders with poster girl Rei Shito and Le Mode Outré’s James Bent.
14 Oct 2011

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