Immerse yourself in Kult Gallery’s “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Super Mini” exhibition!
31 Jul 2023
The UrbanWire team visited the ‘May-nificient Pet Pawty’ organised by Clubpets, where we explored the exciting activities alongside our beloved furry companions.
26 Jun 2023
Get ready for an unforgettable time at Singapore GastroBeats 2023! Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience where live music, food and interactive games come together in perfect harmony. Don’t miss the sensational blend of flavours and melodies at GastroBeats 2023 in Singapore!
12 Jun 2023
On May 7, 2023, The Urbanwire team visited Doujin Market 2023 after its three year hiatus.
26 May 2023
Explore the wonders of Bird Paradise, Asia’s largest bird park, as The Urbanwire Team takes you on a thrilling flight.
22 May 2023
The UrbanWire team heads down to the newly relocated Bukit Timah Saddle Club to check out Wheels on the Bus: Horses & Heritage in Singapore.
The Urbanwire Team headed down to Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay to discover more of Turkey’s unique culture and the origin of the tulip.
15 May 2023
The UrbanWire team headed down to the launch of Millenia Walk’s inaugural Neighbourhood Socials to check out the latest buzz.
Set up in 2006, dragon and lion dance troupe Wei Yong Athletic Association has incorporated LED lights in their costumes to bring a fresh twist to this traditional art.
Singaporean visual artist Brian Gothong Tan explores sexuality through his multimedia installations, including ‘live’ human sculptures.
11 Jan 2022

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