You’ll get to discover amazing nature spots around the island and also learn more about local environmental initiatives.

The circular packaging initiative encourages consumers to give their unused packaging a new lease of life.
Carpenter Lyn Ng shares her passion for woodworking and her hopes for the local sustainable fashion scene.
Find out how Singapore’s only goat farm has evolved from its second-generation owner, Leon Hay.
Indonesian trekking guide Razikin knows the danger of his job, but he’s thankful that volcano tourism has given his family a better life.
Ms Khee Shihui is using her Instagram page @tabaogirl to promote the use of reusable containers and cutlery.
The answer is Yes – according to eco-champions from Earthfest Singapore and Plastic-lite Singapore.
9 Dec 2019
Is going zero-waste time and cost-effective? Devin Rai and Alicia Hong give their verdict in this video.
[Video] Watch how many used straws we can collect from one food center in 2 hours.
Social enterprise UglyFood aims to reduce wastage by turning blemished food into juice and ice-cream.
27 Jan 2019
Make the switch to cruelty-free options that are just as effective, says 13rushes founder Tay Yu Hui.
26 Jul 2017

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