On the lookout for fun? Entertainment is always ready with a lineup of thrilling activities!

Hear from the experts from How Drama, the theatre company behind Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap.
The UrbanWire recommends five fun and affordable games that are worth a try.
20 Jul 2021
Heaven Spot is a safe space for Singaporeans to vandalise walls – legally.
14 Jul 2021
The UrbanWire checks out how Omori, Night in the Woods and Actual Sunlight portray mentally-ill characters in their gameplay.
Some Singaporean students are gaming much longer now as they are able to attend online classes from the comfort of their own rooms.
From action to thriller, The UrbanWire recommends four K-Dramas with unique plots for your enjoyment.
25 Jun 2021
Many teenagers are obsessed with fictional characters from their favourite anime shows. Is this a cause for concern?
Theatre actress Ashley New shares the challenge of performing in front of a camera as opposed to a live audience.
12 Jun 2021
It’s a yay for some escape game organisers, although fans are divided on whether the online versions are as immersive as the physical sessions.
Hayley and Finley Ng are local influencers with over 15k followers. They are also less than 8 years old.

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