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Getai has moved online so that the longstanding Hungry Ghost Festival tradition will not be lost to COVID-19.
11 Sep 2020
The celebrity model shares why sexual predators on social media deserve to be named and shamed.
25 Aug 2020
The Portuguese mixed Chinese model debunks misconceptions about the modelling industry in our exclusive interview.
18 Aug 2020
The sequel to 2016 blockbuster Train To Busan boasts more zombies, a bigger battleground and an intriguing message about society.
19 Jul 2020
Do K-pop fans enjoy watching livestreamed concerts as much as attending real concerts?
30 Jun 2020
Singaporean rapper Axel Brizzy shares why the Black Lives Matter movement means so much to him.
28 Jun 2020
The 25-year-old former f(x) member was found dead in her apartment.
15 Oct 2019
The Oscar-winning Disney veteran behind a string of animated classics and wildlife documentaries shares how he evolves with the times in his industry.
The UrbanWire speaks to 4 young Singaporean musicians who are coping with injuries sustained from extensive practicing. Find out why they’re bent on honing their craft despite the pain.
Win a pair of tickets to We Were So Hopeful Then, a play staged by The Necessary Stage as part of The Orange Production 2019.
28 Jul 2019

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