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Were the TikTok stars ever a couple? Is Lily envious of Raymond’s fame? Find out in this story.
KTV fans are paying to sing again despite having to abide by the mask-on rule.
Mediacorp Actor-DJ Dennis Chew Chong Qing is happy to study with Gen-Z classmates who are 30 years his junior in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
The co-stars share how they worked closely in their upcoming Korean drama, Bad and Crazy.
Gaming enthusiast James Yap co-founded FyR Esports to help brands reach out to Gen-Zs through esports.
Star Search 2019 finalist Kiki Lim shares about the challenges she faced while acting in new Mediacorp drama Home Again.
Weish went from teaching literature to making music, and she’s happier now.
Find out how some Singaporeans are reacting to dating reality show Single’s Inferno.
How is this young Singaporean able to speak such fluent Mandarin with a Beijing accent?
24 Dec 2021
The young influencer-actor is well-remembered for his dim-witted role in Mediacorp Drama, The Heartland Hero.

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