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It’s a yay for some escape game organisers, although fans are divided on whether the online versions are as immersive as the physical sessions.
Hayley and Finley Ng are local influencers with over 15k followers. They are also less than 8 years old.
Catch these five fresh releases that remind us of some of the most popular k-dramas in recent years.
18 Feb 2021
The Plain Pack founder shares what his job as an artiste manager is like.
Too many K-pop bands to keep track of? Here are four rookie K-pop groups from 2020 that you should watch out for this year.
3 Feb 2021
Better safe than sorry – K-pop fans urge idols to skip physical award shows instead of risking their health.
15 Jan 2021
K-drama Private Lives features an ensemble of great actors and thrilling elements, such as the rivalry between amateur and expert con artists.
An Organiser of Power Play 2020 shared why the show must go on, despite the challenges faced bringing the exhibits to life to a digital audience.
Get your ingredients ready and follow me as I recreate the yummylicious drink that’s all the rage on TikTok.
I tried my hand at developing film, and this is how it went.

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