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The 27-year-old K-pop star’s sudden death left many fans in Singapore heartbroken.
These e-Sports commentators share the joy and struggle of their work.
The self-proclaimed “freelance filmmaker, full-time idiot” says he plans to develop his hit web series into a full-length TV series.
She speaks no Hindi but Nur Khairiyah has boldly directed a Hindi play at the Dastak theatre festival.
8 Dec 2017
From Korea’s Kim Jong Kook, Taiwan’s Bii to Singapore’s Joanna Dong, check out the star-studded performer lineup and other celebrity guests at the 22nd Asian Television Awards.
Jack Neo’s latest instalment of his military comedy franchise is in keeping with the true ‘reservist attitude’.
The Sound of Music actress shares how the Tony Award-winning musical has shaped her life and that of her co-stars.
Every successful audition often comes after 10 rejections, said the British actress who’s starred in musicals such as The Addams Family Musical and Les Misérables.
Get ready for the immense action-packed film as DC unveils its upcoming superhero film, Justice League.
Are you a space fanatic? The UrbanWire brings you to Singapore’s first ever space-themed hostel.

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