Looking to wind down after a long week? We’ve got you covered with thrilling shows, unique games and other activities at your fingertips in this section.

Singapore is seeing a rise in the number of indie magazine titles.
Discover the quirky craft that’s transforming Singapore’s landscape one yarn bomb at a time.
The UrbanWire finds out how realistic Virtual Reality games can get.
Check out the all-new immersive experience at Singapore’s premier scare event.
Stand a chance to win a pair of complimentary tickets to JUMP.
The heartthrob from Korean boy band Infinite opens up about venturing into acting.
Check out the enthralling moments from the Broadway dance musical premiering in Singapore.
The latest adaptation of the popular musical about star-crossed lovers will be staged at Marina Bay Sands this September.
Singaporean indie pop band – M1LDL1FE – shares about their new identity and direction.
The multi-talented teen shows she has what it takes to follow in the footsteps of her celebrity mum Chen Xiuhuan.

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