Come take a closer look at niche-interests of specific communities, and the unique perspectives of people from all walks of life.

‘Gamer Girls’ aren’t seen often in Esports but things are changing. Hear from local female Esports team Blitz Zen on their experience in the industry.
13 Mar 2023
Music is ever-present in people’s lives, yet they still think twice about starting a career in music. Hear from Jeyes Tan on his choice to pursue music and what it means to him.
Make a better-informed decision after hearing about the experiences of two drivers from different learning routes.
Young people across more than 40 schools come together at Reso to bring music education and mentorship to the less fortunate in Singapore.
A heavy downpour on the last day doesn’t stop us from looking back on five decades of service and what we can look forward to.
What started with online works of art has evolved into something much more. Inspiring interactive experiences and serving as a medium for artists’ creativity to run wild.
Cracking the code behind what puts the ‘heart’ into the art of these virtual influencers who bring together the digital and physical worlds.
You can learn how to upcycle paper offcuts at Print N Matters’ workshop.
A team of Media Post-Production students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic share how they came up with their projection mapping animation for the upcoming Singapore Night Festival.
The Singaporean artist went viral on TikTok for sketching portraits of random members of the public.

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