Nursing student Sarah Ali doesn’t shy away from making bold fashion statements.
No foundation, no concealer, no beauty filter. Jane Blithe Simorangkir is happy to show off her “flawed” complexion while lip-synching and dancing on TikTok.
14 Jun 2021
Makeup influencer @kenhermanns shares why he is unbothered by online taunts.
17 Mar 2021
Find out how Queenie went from a small town girl to running her own nail salon in Singapore.
26 Aug 2019
The UrbanWire is giving away 2 Charcoal Beads Gel Cleansers and 2 H20 Jelly Masks from skincare brand, Glowfully, to 4 lucky winners!
28 Jun 2019
More young Singaporeans are sporting the brightly colored “unicorn hair”.
25 Jul 2018
The former 2NE1 member shares her latest beauty obsessions.
13 Jun 2018
From taking lingzhi to staying indoors, the second-generation star shares her formula to great skin.
11 Jun 2018
For Reginald Morris, wearing makeup is his way of remembering his late sister.
Instagram influencer Anda The Sea unravels the reality behind her glamorous social media career.

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