Bow down to the content maestro, for he excels at all things social media. Introducing Dann Tan, our black carrot cake obsessed social media manager, and resident Wallows stan! In his own words, “I do sport, but have over 1000+ hours spent on my Playstation games HAHA” Nuff’ said.


DJ Ling commands the night with electrifying mixes and pulsating beats, but as dawn breaks, he unveils his unexpected daytime identity as a skilled latte artist crafting intricate designs in a cosy coffee shop.
25 Aug 2023
The UrbanWire team visited the ‘May-nificient Pet Pawty’ organised by Clubpets, where we explored the exciting activities alongside our beloved furry companions.
26 Jun 2023
Discover how Alfero Gelato transitioned to becoming a thriving online business.
25 Apr 2023