With a love for stories and the worlds that lie within, Kimberley can often be found reading books, listening to audio-dramas, or watching all kinds of shows and movies. If there’s one thing she does a bit too much (other than making drafts that never see the light of day), it’s buying all sorts of things just because they look nice.


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6 Feb 2023
Young people across more than 40 schools come together at Reso to bring music education and mentorship to the less fortunate in Singapore.
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18 Jan 2023
Follow energetic teens Erin Wong and Natasha Koh on their 10-day self-funded adventure in Japan.
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13 Dec 2022
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29 Nov 2022
Eight polytechnic graduates from different backgrounds share their experiences navigating life after graduation.
Hawker, model, artiste and teacher William Lin shines from the fishball stall to the stage – where will his dreams take him next?
23 May 2022