Looking for giveaway opportunities? We would like to refer you to our classical music connoisseur and polyglot, Humaira! You will probably catch her planning events while listening to Tchaikovsky and sipping a mean Chai Latte. With her at the helm, we are assured that our events are always in good hands.


Explore Tanjong Pagar like never before with The Urbanwire Explores through an outdoor escape game – a unique way to discover hidden stories in this vibrant neighbourhood!
27 Oct 2023
Join the Urbanwire Team as we immerse ourselves in a transformative journey at the Wellness Experience Space as part of Wellness Festival Singapore 2023.
16 Jun 2023
Explore the wonders of Bird Paradise, Asia’s largest bird park, as The Urbanwire Team takes you on a thrilling flight.
22 May 2023