Elaine is a great fan of sleeping in on the weekends, waking up to rain pelting down her window panes and spending the afternoon just having a good read, be it a classic like Oliver Twist or chick lit in the vein of Bridget Jone’s Diary ranking an all-time first in her heart. Standing at only 1.53 metres, the young lady enjoys eating authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice with just the right amount of chilli. When not sleeping or eating, Elaine is saving the world, one snarky comment at a time.

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Elaine Huang

13 Sep 2012
It isn’t every day you get snow in sunny Singapore. Be warned, Snow Patrol is bringing an avalanche over.
10 Aug 2012
Hafiz Aladeen, ‘The Dictator’, is a bigot and a fan of all things evil. He might have a heart of gold, but it’s definitely hidden somewhere behind his huge beard!
16 Jun 2012
UrbanWire recommends 3 restaurants you can treat him to for a scrumptious meal.
15 Jun 2012
Charlie Lim, the man behind that soulful voice, stands on the global stage of music and shares with UrbanWire why he is such a perfectionist.
12 Jun 2012