Singapore’s first urban insect farm makes money out of food waste with the help of black soldier flies.
Never heard of the term ‘Taxidermy’ before? You’ve come to the right place.
24 May 2022
Two Singaporeans share why ant-keeping is ant-gaging, ant-tertaining and ant-riching.
1 Aug 2021
Two young Singaporeans share their passion for owning exotic pets despite the risk of fines and jail.
Learning about my dog’s thoughts and feelings towards my family made me tear up.
25 Dec 2020
Mr Fraser Noble shares how he uses science to better coach dogs with a rough past.
21 Sep 2020
Yes, but we need not shun these important pollinators, said educator-turned-beekeeper John Chong.
2 Mar 2020
Find out how Singapore’s only goat farm has evolved from its second-generation owner, Leon Hay.
Animal shelters in Singapore share the challenges they face and how they sustain themselves.
2 Sep 2019
[Video] We follow Gary Lim and his guide dog Jordie as they board the train. Catch how the public react to the pair.
23 Aug 2019

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