Animal shelters in Singapore share the challenges they face and how they sustain themselves.
2 Sep 2019
[Video] We follow Gary Lim and his guide dog Jordie as they board the train. Catch how the public react to the pair.
23 Aug 2019
The Instagram-worthy spot that has gathered bird enthusiasts for 4 decades is increasingly popular with millennials and tourists.
That’s the fate of many exotic pets which are illegally smuggled here, ACRES told The UrbanWire.
7 Feb 2019
Mr Cheong Boo Wee’s private “zoo” has drawn some public ire, but he’ll continue collecting both real and fake animals.
30 Jan 2019
Pet groomer May Koh takes pride in helping dogs look good and feel good right in the comfort of their own homes.
28 Jan 2019

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