At 25, Isaac Miranda has founded his own artiste management and development company, representing notable Southeast Asian acts including Narelle, Nyk, and Ffion.

“I started Plain Pack because I was already doing a variety of different things in the music industry under different names and different businesses, and I figured that it would make sense to pull everything under one umbrella,” he explains.

As a “full-stack music services company”, Plain Pack handles multiple aspects from the management and development of artistes, to connecting labels, artistes, and producers from around the world, and helping them to reach sian markets they want to target. 

Isaac shares that every artiste requires a different management style. For example, he explains that he doesn’t have to worry about the publicity for certain acts as he has partners from abroad focusing on that aspect. Some artistes require help with songwriting and production while others simply need to source for music from overseas producers. 

To find out more about his work, check out our video interview.

Edited by: Anmi Chou Shigeta
Proofread by: Winny Wint Htae