The Faniyi family reunited after Emmanuel Faniyi (left) returned to Singapore. (from right to left: Angie Ng, Abiola Faniyi, Tolu Faniyi, Emmanuel Faniyi)

It was a bus journey in Malaysia that brought Ms Angie Ng and Mr Emmanuel Faniyi together in 2005. The Singaporean-Nigerian couple tied the knot in 2007 and are now the proud parents of two children, Tolu and Abiola.

It’s a picture of family bliss, except that Mr Faniyi hasn’t been able to secure a long term pass to live in Singapore. His last application in 2018 failed, so he still needs to rely on the tourist visa, which allows him to stay in Singapore for up to one month whenever he wants to visit his family. 

Thankfully for Ms Angie Ng, she has the companion of her children while the immigration issue is being sorted out. But has the 40-year-old nurse attracted any curious stares and friendly queries whenever she’s out with her 2 biracial children? Hear from her and learn more about this unique family in our video interview.