9 months after their second album, Bring It Back To The Old School, U-Kiss has released a new single, Man Man Ha Ni, on Nov 6.

The third album has driven their fans crazy, as the boys have come back from the hiatus they took for their international activities, not only with better vocals, but also with a new, more manly and edgy look (think Super Junior during their Don’t Don promotions) and a new member.

18 year-old Lee Ki Sub came as a major surprise for U-Kiss’ fans, whose reactions ranged from excited to pleased, and unfortunately, to unhappy. However, despite some of the fans’ disapproval, his participation in Man Man Ha Ni continued, and has slowly started to warm up to the fans with his boyish appeal.

Man Man Ha Ni Official MV


Man Man Ha Ni” seems to be the big break that U-Kiss has been waiting for, attracting the attention of the audience with their new, more mature look and their performances’ eye-catching choreography. The song, which features Bravesound, possesses a catchy bridge that hooks the listener in, reminiscent of the intro for the Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra. The beat is addictive, and gets into the listener’s head after just a couple of listens.

On the contrary, the other full-track song on the single, “O.K.“, is brighter with a light, electronic undertone. It seems to contain elements that are uniquely the group’s, as evident from U-Kiss’ previous singles, which featured a lot of cheery, upbeat songs. However, it’s no less satisfying to listen to.

Overall, the single is solid, with a well-used, but effective concept that will excite audiences. It would’ve done well to be longer, and leaves the listener wanting. UrbanWire is looking forward to any new releases from U-Kiss.


1. Intro

2. 만만하니 (Man Man Ha Ni)

3. 오케이 (O.K.)

4. 만만하니 (MR)

Title: Man Man Ha Ni

Artiste: U-Kiss

Language: Korean

Release Date: Nov 6

Record Label: NH Media